Who it's For

This article is for anyone who has deals that they want to import into Intro CRM. Importing deals is a time-saver when you're just getting started and a way to easily bulk add a large number of deals.

Whether you are keeping track of your deals in your head, on paper, or in another software tool—think other CRMs like Hubspot or Salesforce—this guide is for you. 

After you import these deals into Intro CRM, they will all be in one place so you can focus on closing deals and growing your business.


  • Spreadsheet software to generate a CSV file.
    • E.g. Microsoft Office, Google Sheets, Apple Numbers, or LibreOffice.
  • An active Intro CRM account. (Sign up for Intro CRM here.)

How it Works

You are going to go through a multi-step process to capture all of your deals that you want to track in Intro CRM and put them into a format that you can easily import into Intro CRM for tracking. 

First you will need to extract your deals from wherever they are right now. Next you will transform that data to be in the right format for Intro CRM to be able to categorize them. Then you will load them into Intro CRM and be on your way.

Know that you can also get your deals out of Intro CRM any time you want by exporting them, deleting your deals, or deleting your account entirely. 


  • The first question to ask yourself is whether you want to use an integration with Intro CRM or not. If you want to integrate Intro CRM with other tools, that is going to change the steps that you follow in this guide.
  • Because deal stages are configurable, importing deal stages is not supported at this time. After you import your deals, you will need to individually review them and set the deal stage.
  • You can export and/or delete your deals in Intro CRM any time in the Account menu.
  • When you import deals with an integration, these deals now exist outside of Intro CRM. This means they are in the integrated software, subject to that software’s terms of service, and need to be deleted in that software as well. Deleting your deals in Intro CRM—and even deleting your Intro CRM account—will not remove your deals from the integrated software.
  • Do not export deals and re-upload based on that, you must use the import template CSV file with the exact column names shared later in this guide.

Importing without an Integration 

Importing deals into Intro CRM without an integration means that your deals will only be in Intro CRM. This allows you to start with a blank slate and means that your deals will not be pushed elsewhere.

Importing with an Integration

The process for importing deals with an integration is identical as without one, however there are a few things to consider when it comes to the order of operations. The standard and recommended sequence is outlined below.  

This is only for people who are using an integration, if that’s not you, you can skip to the next section.

Closed Deals

If you want to import Won and Lost deals because you want those deal values in Intro CRM, but you don’t want them pushed to your integrations because there is no longer active work being done on them, then you want to import these deals first—before enabling the integration.

Set Up Integrations

If you want to set up an integration so that your Intro CRM deals push to other places where you do your work, go ahead and set up your integration now. This is an optional step. 

Find integration guides here.

Open Deals

You want to enable your integration before importing open deals—any deals that are neither won nor lost—so that they are all pushed to your integration after they are imported into Intro CRM. If you import your deals before enabling the integration, then they will only be in Intro CRM.

Importing Deals into Intro CRM

  1. Download the template CSV file. First download the template CSV file—or make a copy of this Google Sheet—which you will use to enter your deals.

  2. Get your deals. Go to wherever you are keeping track of your deals right now. If you are using another tool like Hubspot or Salesforce, follow their documentation to export your deals from that platform. You are going to put that data into a format that can be automatically imported into Intro CRM.

  3. Prepare the data in the CSV file. Once you’ve downloaded the template CSV file, open it Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, Apple Numbers, or Google Sheets. 

    Follow the formatting example of the sample reference deal in the spreadsheet. Clear out the sample data and enter the details of deals that you want to import. (You can update them later in Intro CRM, too.)

    Do not change the names of the columns. They must be exactly as they are when you downloaded them in order to be recognized during importing.

    Dates are formatted in YYYY-MM-DD format, but will be displayed in your set date format after being imported into Intro CRM. 

    Because deal stages are user configurable, importing deal stages is not supported at this time. You will do this later after importing your deals.

  4. Save your CSV file. Save your prepared CSV file and make sure that the latest information saved successfully.

  5. Go to the Account page in Intro CRM. Click the Import CSV button under Import Deals. Select your CSV file.

  6. Upload your CSV file to import your deals. A loading animation indicates that your deals are being uploaded. When uploading is complete and successful, you will see the deal totals update on your screen.

  7. Review your deals in Intro CRM. Go to the Deals page and review your deals.

  8. Update your deal stages in Intro CRM. Because importing deal stages is not supported at this time, you will need to review your deals and update them individually. If you haven't already, now is a good time to configure your deal stages so that they match your sales process.

  9. Update your deal value distributions in Intro CRM. Because importing deal value distributions is not supported at this time, you will need to review your deal values and update them individually. Open a deal and click the value field to open the following window.
    Next, distribute your deal value across future periods. These distributions will be visible in your deal forecast. 

Congratulations! You have successfully imported your deals into Intro CRM.


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