Who it's For

Intro CRM comes with five default stages for your sales cycle. In this guide, you will learn how to edit those stages to match your go to market process. 

The default stages work well for a basic sales process, but you may want to get a better understanding of how you sell, how your customers buy, or both. Custom deal stages help you accomplish this.


How it Works

You will go into the Account page to update your deal stages, add, delete, and rename as you see fit. Once these changes are in-place, they will be effective across Intro CRM. 


  • Deal stages are ranked in alphabetical order across Intro CRM—in your deal stages window, the deal detail view, and the filter by deal stage. 
  • The deal stages Won and Lost are locked. They can't be edited or deleted. 
  • If you delete a Deal Stage, the stage value for any deals with that value will be blank. The deals themselves will not be deleted.

Editing Deal Stages

Go to the account page and scroll down to Edit Stages under Deal Data. This is what it looks like by default with a new account.

Add a New Deal Stage

Under Edit Deal Stages, click the Add New button.

Enter the name of the new Deal Stage and click Save. Here, the new Deal Stage is named Test.

After clicking Save, your new Deal Stage should be visible in the list of deal stages.

Remember that Deal Stages appear in alphabetical order.

Renaming a Deal Stage

Hover over and click the Deal Stage that you want to edit. Here, the Deal Stage Test is being edited.

Change the name of the Deal Stage and click Save. Here, the Deal Stage is being renamed to Test Update.

After clicking Save, your updated Deal Stage should be visible in the list of Deal Stages.

Using New Deal Stages

Your new Deal Stage is now listed when you edit deals.

You can also filter Deals in your Deals Overview by your newly created Deal Stage.

Deleting a Deal Stage

In the Account page in the Deal Data section under Edit Stages, hover over the box with a minus sign on the left-side of the pop up window.

A new pop up will confirm that you want to delete the Deal Stage. Click Delete Stage to proceed.

Back in the Deal Stages list, you will see that the deleted Deal Stage is no longer visible.

If you delete a Deal Stage, it will affect the deals with that Deal Stage value—their value will be made blank. The deals themselves will not be deleted. The top deal in the list below show what this looks like.

Congratulations! You now know how to edit deal stages in Intro CRM, including adding new ones, renaming them, and deleting them.