Who it's For

This integration is for anyone who spends a meaningful amount of time managing projects in Basecamp. This integration provides a way to use a standalone purpose-built CRM to support your sales efforts, while also recognizing your preference for managing your To-dos in Basecamp. 


How it Works

You will click a toggle switch in Intro CRM to begin the integration process. You will be guided through a brief series of steps to connect your two separate Intro CRM and Basecamp accounts.

Once the accounts are connected, when you Add Deals in Intro CRM, they will be pushed as a To-do Lists in your Basecamp account. This is currently a one-way sync, taking the Intro CRM Deal—at the time that you add it—and pushing it into Basecamp.

You can disable the integration any time. Disabling the integration simply severs the connection between the two; this is separate than deleting your data on either platform. 


  • You can integrate a Basecamp account that doesn’t share the same email as your Intro CRM account.
  • You can’t integrate a Basecamp account that shares another Intro CRM user’s email.
  • You can’t sign up with an email that has been used to integrate another user’s Basecamp account.
  • Intro CRM can't post to more than one Basecamp account
  • If you are logged out of Basecamp, you will need to sign in for Intro CRM to authorize the integration.
  • Basecamp access authorizations expire after 2 weeks—a background process will refresh your authorization token but you may need to login to manually re-authorize it.
  • To-do Lists can be added to projects that are trashed (not permanently deleted) and archived.

Enabling the Integration

Initiate the Integration in Intro CRM

Log into your Intro CRM account and head to the Account page and Integrations section.

Click the toggle switch next to Basecamp, beginning the integration process. You must complete the guided steps in order to complete the integration. 

Allow Access in Basecamp

Sign in to your Basecamp account.

If you are not logged into Basecamp, you will be prompted to login. It should look like this. If you are already logged in, skip this step.

Allow access to your Basecamp account.

Once you are logged in, you will see a prompt to allow the Intro CRM app to access your Basecamp account. This is required in order to proceed. 

Configuring the Integration in Intro CRM

You will be prompted to select which of the Basecamp accounts you want to integrate with. You can only select one account to integrate with. If you only have one account, only one option will be made available to you. 

Next, you will select which Project you want your Intro CRM deals to go to. Only one project can be selected. If you don't have any projects created, one will be created for you entitled Intro CRM. Click save to proceed.


There will be three indicators that your integration is successful:

  • The toggle switch will be switched "on" (towards the right).
  • An alert will appear in the top bar of your Intro CRM screen.
  • You will receive an email notification confirming the integration.

Using Intro CRM with Basecamp

Every time you add a new deal, it will now be added to Basecamp as a To-do List, under the account and project that you selected earlier. As you manage your work moving forward, you can add tasks under the deal-based To-do List. 

In the following example, I've created a new deal entitled Fakeblock web analytics implementation, using the Add & Edit workflow in Intro CRM.

You can see that Intro CRM Deal appear as a new To-do List in Basecamp under the Intro CRM project.

In practice, your next step would be to create specific To-do's. See one example below. Note that because this is a one-way sync, your Deal in Intro and your To-do List in Basecamp are separate. 

Disabling the Integration

You can disable the integration any time by toggling the switch "off" so it is resting on the left. Note: This does not delete data in either Intro CRM or Basecamp, it simply severs the connection between the two. 

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