Intro CRM offers lots of different ways to configure your deal tracking to match your business, things like how you value deals (revenue, units, or hours), currency symbols, thousand separators, and your deal stages.


There are a few different ways that you can change formatting of how your deals are shown to you in Intro CRM. These are all changed from the Account page.

You can validate that your formatting changes have saved by looking at your deal totals at the top of the page. These changes will be effective immediately across Intro CRM.

For the account below, you can see that deals are being tracked by Revenue, in Dollars, with a Comma thousands separator and the Month Abbreviation, Date, Year format. These are the default settings.

Going to the Deals page, you can see this formatting in-effect:

Measure of Value

This represents how you quantify your deals and there are three options: Revenue, Hours, and Units.

When selecting Hours or Units, the option for using a currency symbol will be disabled since you are not using a currency for visualizing your deals. 


Most entrepreneurs are focused on Revenue—i.e. the amount of money—that your business could make from deals. This is typically your gross revenue, in other words your top line income before taxes, expenses, etc. But revenue is not the only way to track in Intro CRM.


Hours might be a good fit for your business if you are more focused on the time it takes to deliver your work, or the time you have available. If you are still exploring pricing or have highly variable pricing between projects, hours can help you make sure you don't get overbooked or have enough work.


Units might be a good fit for your business if you are creating a tangible product or can only serve a fixed number of clients at a time. In the case of a tangible product, you may have a sales volume goal that you want to hit or a number that will trigger ordering more inventory.

Currency Symbol

We currently support 13 different currently symbols, placed to the left of your number. These symbols include the:

  • $ — default
  • kr
  • £
  • лв.
  • R
  • ¥
  • ¤

Thousands Separator

We currently support three different thousands separator formats, these include:

  • Comma (,) — default
  • Period (.)
  • Space ( )

Calendar Dates

We currently support four different calendar date formats, these include:

  • mmm d, yyy — default
  • mm/dd/yyyy
  • yyyy-mm-dd


Integrations are handled on a case-by-case basis. At this time, only one integration can be enabled. 

Find integration guides here.

Deal Data

Editing Deal Stages

You can customize your deal stages to match your sales process. 

Find the edit deal stages guide here.

Importing Deals

You can either add deals individually, or batch import a number of deals at once.

Find the importing deals guide here.

Exporting Deals

While this is not part of the setup process, know that you can export deals any time by clicking the Export Deals button in the Account page.

Account Access

You can also use the Account page to perform the following actions:

  • Change your account email address
  • Change your password
  • Reset your password
  • Sign your account out of other locations
  • Delete your deals
  • Delete your account

Congratulations! You have successfully set up your Intro CRM account.